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Education and Training
Education And Training
Education and training is at the center of interest of the LAEC to spread safety and security culture and to promote the use of nuclear and related analytical techniques in key socioeconomic development areas. The LAEC’s staff is trained and continuously updating its knowledge and skills through the IAEA technical cooperation program and via its cooperation with AAEA and EU. In addition, the LAEC is contributing to the training of technical staff from public and private sectors, dealing with ionizing radiation (safety, security and radiological emergency) and coming from different medical, industrial, and research institutions by organizing specialized and commensurate training sessions and by facilitating their participation to regional and international training and workshops. More than 350 participations to IAEA and other training programs have been recorded till now. The LAEC is also hosting and co-organizing with the IAEA, AAEA and others, specialized training courses, workshops and seminars and it is hosting Ph.D and MSc students in cooperation with national and foreign universities and research centers. In 2009, the LAEC launched, with the cooperation of the IAEA and Beirut Arab University, the “radiation protection and safety and security of radioactive sources”, diploma. Till now 25 graduates working in hospitals, industries, research and regulatory institutions have been participated to this program.