High imitation is the most direct cost-effective choice

High imitation watch this term is in the late eighties of last century, since the reform and opening up, the rapid development of light industry in the Pearl River Delta region, watch industry in this region gradually mature. Now the high imitation table has a large number of applications of various imported movement, and the quality of movement is very good, have good performance in precision. It is faced with a certain watch knowledge, and really like the table of friends. This table is characterized by first-class workmanship chassis, the focus is on movement, this watch movement in the function and the original table does not come and go, there will be no functional shrinking. But for cost considerations, may use the same movement of the non-polished version, or lower grades of the same functional movement. But in this way, the price of this imitation table will not be cheap. For example, now on the market the cheapest six-pin mechanical multi-functional movement should be nearly 3,000 yuan. So for this reason, the price of these tables is not very cheap, and only a small number of enthusiasts and high-end economic strength of the buyers will choose. A: buy "high imitation table" is fooled? I believe 99% of buyers in the purchase of high imitation table when the seller has been clearly told in advance is a high imitation of the replica watches. Of course, I do not deny that there are businesses and their exaggerated means to promote simulation. But this is just the individual business individual behavior, As far as I know any open mode to raise a lot of money to develop high-quality high imitation products will not be running the so-called "fake true" idea to do. High imitation of the open mold and the pursuit of all the pursuit of the same business, but "how to become better on the basis of the previous" nothing more. Focus on large-scale re-engraved swiss replica watches Hand light quality inspection, on the machine detection movement. + Peacekeeping letter: 1150178139 II: high imitation table is really unbearable it? In my personal view of China's high imitation watch is ahead of China's watch industry, but also with the world, This is why both domestic and foreign buyers, or genuine replica watches brand of China's high imitation watch has been concerned about the reasons for good. The following figure is on the high imitation Panerai movement of the transformation, in any case we can clearly see that the appearance becomes more beautiful, From the initial iron one, to the later chrome metal, to chrome metal lettering, and then to upgrade to Switzerland imported shock absorbers, And finally to add a layer of movement plywood, and so a series of innovations, which are high-imitation of the open-mode people in the absence of any support to come up with the solution, You know, this transformation is only just 2 years time. Three: high imitation of the open-mode people just fake it? The old saying goes, behind closed doors, out of the door that this is not appropriate for high imitation table, open grinding in order to comprehend the essence of authentic, Efforts are often ordinary people can not imagine, I believe everyone can imagine that people engaged in high imitation table industry, in particular, open mode, Generally not what is highly educated. So need a lot of practice to improve the knowledge of many industries The following figure is a high imitation of the open model, in order to complete a high imitation of the table Rolex clasp drawn by the relevant details of the drawings. I believe this is enough to make the most of the industrial design of the Coban shame the. However, all this is a bunch of general education in the early, high school after 80 young people completed. For the open model, high imitation table is not a profiteering industry, because there is no open model will choose to fake true, In most cases, high imitation table is clearly a penny price of goods in the form of sales, so high imitation table and the normal business, There is no so-called confidential to talk about, not simply the so-called "fraud" In other words, originally did not want to become genuine, how to talk about fraud it?