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Nano Imaging and Surface Mass Spectrometry
Nano imaging and Surface Mass Spectrometry
The nano imaging and surface analysis by mass spectrometry laboratory is recently established (July 2011). The used techniques are based on tunnel scanning microscopy and ToF-secondary ion mass spectrometry techniques.

The first technique can allow topography studies for surfaces at nanometric scale while the ToF-SIMS technique allows the elemental, chemical and molecular analysis of surfaces and permits the obtention of molecular imaging and elemental depth profile with very high resolution (nm). Analysis and applied research in this laboratory are centered on polymer, painting, drugs, semi conductors and printing characterization.

The laboratory is cooperating with the industrial sector and with different research centers and universities in several areas involving elemental and molecular detection.

Hereafter, we show some recent results obtained in different areas like material sciences, pharmaceutical sciences and printing certification.

Characterization of Binary Drug by ToF-SIMS
A project on the analysis of drug using ToF-SIMS is launched for the characterization and for potential semi quantification of active ingredients (AIs) in commercial medicines. The optimization of the technique, for reliable semi quantification of AIs, needs well comprehension of different parameters that are influencing the secondary ion emission (intra and inter molecule interaction, homogeneity, surface topography and composition...)
Characterization of Nano Layer BInGaAs deposited on Ga As Substrate

Semi quantification and eventually absolute quantification of light elements in quaternary thin films deposited onto semiconductor substrates is investigated for BInGaAs/GaAs system. Surface homogeneity as well as potential diffusion of Boron in the substrate is studied.
Analysis of Banknote as Quality Control and Certification

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