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National And International Ogligations

Legislative decree N105/83:
"Regulating the use of and protection against ionizing radiations"

Regulatory Decree N15512/2005 to the Legislative decree law N105/83:
"Regulating the use of and protection against ionizing radiations"

Decisions (Council of Ministers):

Decision N28/1996:
Granting the Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission established within the National Council for Scientific Research CNRS the authority to carry out a comprehensive survey and fulfill radiation control tasks

Decision N 30/1997:
Affiliation of Lebanon to the international project of supporting the infrastructure of radiation protection and delegation to the CNRS to prepare the draft text laws for workers in radiation protection field

Decision N14/1999:
Granting the LAEC the authority to control the ionizing radiation dose in imported scrap

Decision N705/1/2005:
Regulating applications for import of radiation devices and radioactive materials and licensing of facilities dealing with such products

Decision N55/2006:
Acceptance of the amendment introduced by the council of Governors IAEA to the Small Quantities Protocol - SQP